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- Yica

An International Modern Artist

A vision of life that oozes energy and happiness that let us understand the childish spirit that guides the artist towards a sparkling style, where colors are protagonists.

Contemporary Art mixed with Impressionism, Expressionism, Automatic art.

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- About Yica Djuric

An International Modern Artist

She paints on materials of all sizes shapes and textures with acrylic, oil, charcoal, spray and puts them all together in one artwork.
Yica’s extensive education combined with many years of traveling abroad has helped her develop her vision, creativity and versatility as an artist with a distinct and captivating style.

Yica Djuric’s artwork is brought to life using a variety of several materials.

- technique

Yica is reknown for her mastery of chaos and has been credited for her eclectic use of abstraction, perception and creative confusion in her works.
To truly understand this technique one just needs to visit Yica in her studio during "chaotic creation time".

- artwork

Yica Djuric is well known for using an unusual combination of different materials from a variety of sources in her work.
Often referred to as “the queen of chaos”, she delights in playing with abstraction, perception and creative confusion without strictly adhering to logic or the usage of mathematical concepts.
Collaborators and collectors of Yica’s work are so impressed with the stories behind her artwork and how she creates them from such unique source materials, they collectively refer to her method as “the chaos technique” which has become synonymous with “Yica”. Take a look at her latest paintings.

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If you are planning a tour in Valencia, don't miss visiting my personal gallery!
C/ Moro Zeid, 11 bajo A - 46003 Valencia, Spain
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my working place

my artistic and chaotic workplace.

C/ Moro Zeid, 11-B - 46003 Valencia